Solar fencing sahay yojana Gujarat 2022.

As we know that the government has given assistance many times, once again the government has announced an assistance in which the farmers who want to get solar fencing assistance will be given assistance by the government.

A number of welfare schemes for crop protection are launched by the Department of Agriculture, Welfare and Government of Gujarat. KhetiVadi Vibhag has implemented Solar Fencing Yojana around farmers’ fields. Additionally, the Solar Fencing Scheme has been put online through the IKhedoot portal. Who will benefit from this scheme? We will get all the information about how to get the benefit of the scheme and how much subsidy is given.

This scheme has been released for the farmers by the agriculture department in Gujarat. Farmers in Gujarat have decided to subsidize the purchase of solar fencing to reduce farming costs and protect crops.

According to this assistance, the farmer gets 50 percent of the total cost or Rs. 15,000 per account whichever is less. For which online application can be made on I-Khedoot portal from 10th September 2022 for one month.

Online apply – click here 

Application will be started for farmers, if any farmers want to take advantage of the scheme, they will have to submit the land documents and apply online.

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