Top five Pre Wedding Venues in Gujarat.

We know that nowadays people are going far and wide for wedding photo shoot i.e. pre wedding. But now you don’t have to go far, here are five places in Gujarat where you can have the best photo shoot or pre wedding shooting for your wedding. Marriage in our country is something that people celebrate with great enthusiasm and pomp.

We see new clothes being brought for the wedding and the groom taking more wedding photos. For pre-wedding, they go far and wide for photo shoot at beautiful places like Goa, Diu. But now there is no need to go to Goa, Diu, there are five places in Gujarat where you can do the best pre-wedding shooting and you will see very natural scenic views, you will have a lot of fun.

1 – Nargol Beach : Nargol beach near Umargam near Valsad, 150 km from Surat is a very beautiful sight.  You will love the beautiful sea air on one side and the natural small forest on the other side for a photo shoot.

2 – Kadiya dhro : Located 40 km from Nakhtrana in Kutch, Kadiya Dhro is very beautiful for a photo shoot in the mountainous region.  It is a bit difficult to go here during the rainy season.

3 – jadura dungar : jadura dungar Kutchma is the best place for shooting under the open sky.  It is the best place for a photo shoot as it has a mountain view.

4 – polo forest : This small forest spread over 400 square kilometers in the hills of Aravalli in Sabarkantha near Banaskantha is the best place for pre-wedding. Small springs and waterfalls are flowing here during the rainy season, so it is a very enjoyable place.

5 – kachh white Ran : White desert in Kutch is a very beautiful sight where you can see water spread far and wide.

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These were the five best pre-wedding places in Gujarat, if you visit once, it will be a lot of fun and the cost will also be less.

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