Big news: High court orders Gujarat government said- do this work immediately

Big news: High court orders Gujarat government said- do this work immediately

The Gujarat High Court has given an important order to the Gujarat government in the matter of Suomoto’s application on Corona in the state.

The case of the Suomoto petition filed against Corona in the state
Important order of Gujarat High Court to Gujarat Government
Order to provide information about the availability of beds outside hospitals
The Gujarat High Court had directed the state government to provide information on the availability of beds outside hospitals. He also directed the government to take necessary decision on how many decisions to keep in which area.

Important observation of the High Court regarding testing

In the midst of Koro’s transition, players started leaving the IPL midway, the BCCI replied Army starts big work to fight Corona, CDS Bipin Rawat briefs PM Modi
Dual policy: Night curfew in Ahmedabad will not stop 500 ‘special people’ from moving around So the High Court made an important observation in the matter of testing that new laboratories have not been set up and have to wait for testing. At the same time, he said, how did the testing figures suddenly increase?

Government’s statement on the issue of operation of 108

So the government told the High Court about the operation of 108, 108 ambulance service is not subject to the corporation and 108 operates as per the policy made by the state government.×280&!9&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=xQ3RQEcizI&p=https%3A//

The High Court had this morning slammed the government

The High Court said what is the state level planning in the Corona case? What is the government doing to break Corona’s chain? Why are patients admitted in private vehicles not admitted? The trend of admitting only 108 patients is contradictory. The matter was also sought clarification at the last hearing. The High Court said there was no clarity in the government’s affidavit. 108 should focus on first cum first service. The High Court on the issue of staff shortage said that if there is a shortage of staff, the intern student should be called. The court said that all hospitals in Gujarat should have oxygen plants.

The government acknowledges that there is a shortage of everything. If the hospital is full, now what will the government do if the case grows ?: High Court

Besides, the High Court slammed the Gujarat government, saying that the government accepts that there is a shortage of everything. If the hospital is full, what will the government do if the case grows now? Expressing displeasure with the current policy of the Gujarat government and the functioning of the Ahmedabad Corporation, the High Court said that a patient who needs 6 remedies should be given 6 injections and not given. He also said that all the patients who come to the hospital should be admitted.

The High Court struck down the right government

Why has the line of 108 not decreased in 15 days?
Why are there lines for oxygen bottles.
Everything is on paper but nothing in reality.
Only to die if the patient comes in 108?
Why such irresponsibility?
The court said don’t show the pink picture, tell the real fact
The government’s stand on the ambulance issue is also contradictory. We also sought clarification on the issue at the last hearing as to why there is no clarification in the affidavit.
108 should focus on first cum first service
If one is not admitted to the hospital and is to be taken to another hospital, why does 108 not go?
The guidelines of the government and the AMC should be the same
Why patients are not admitted in private vehicles
Don’t just talk about Ahmedabad, you are not just an advocate of AMC, tell us what is the plan for the state
Only 108 patients have been admitted in 4 hospitals in Ahmedabad. Why such a trend in this time?

The current situation is scary
What is the process for giving oxygen?
The government acknowledged that there was also a shortage of beds

The Gujarat government has admitted that there is a shortage of beds. We are not saying that everything is safe but we are trying hard enough.

Join hands and say pass the order on 108 issue
Advocate Assoc. Advocate Amit Panchal, appearing for the court, said that no patient could be denied admission as per the guidelines. Patients are dying outside the hospital despite the 900-bed hospital being turned on. More than 2,000 cases are coming daily against 675 ambulances. People are dying due to lack of ambulance and proper treatment. Join hands and say pass the order on 108 issue.

Advocate Assoc. Advocate Om Kotwal also argued that AMC’s decision on Aadhaar card was inappropriate. The decision to opt for RTPCR if you have an Aadhaar card is not appropriate.

Advocate Percy Kavina said that in such a situation people do not get hospital beds and the government inaugurates a new hospital which has 3 layers of security, has hospital officials and is crowded. So how will this break the chain. There will still be a 1200 bed hospital in Gandhinagar. Then there will be a gathering, there will be an inauguration. So it is in everyone’s interest for the hospital to be able to continue without any inauguration. I have seen photos in which the Deputy CM was everywhere. I don’t comment, but the transition to such an event is likely to increase.
Also lack of oxygen
Advocate Shaleen said that like Zyds, every hospital should have a PSA plant so that it takes about 2 weeks to prepare so that there is no shortage of oxygen. At the same time when there is a shortage of oxygen in Gujarat, we help the neighboring state but we should also think for Gujarat.


ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

The High Court began hearing on Suomoto’s application seeking quashing of the decision to make the Aadhaar card mandatory. It was also reported that people were dying without treatment due to the entry of 108. Anand Yagnik said. The government quota in private hospitals should be increased to 50%. Admission of citizens only in the hospitals of the corporation

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