Chandra Grahan 2023: The last lunar eclipse of the year

The last Chandra Grahan date of this year : is going to happen on October 29, the day of Sharad Poonam. Lunar eclipses are viewed from an astronomical as well as a spiritual perspective. Since lunar eclipse is an astronomical event, it has negative and favorable effects on the zodiac signs. Let’s get information about the effect of the last lunar eclipse of the year on which zodiac sign.

Chandra Grahan

The last Chandra Grahan of the year 2023 will take place on October 29, Sunday. This lunar eclipse will start at 01:06 AM and end at 02:22 AM. This lunar eclipse can have a negative effect on the people of 6 zodiac signs. This lunar eclipse can affect Aries people the most. So let’s know what the effect of lunar eclipse will be for which 6 zodiac signs?

Lunar Eclipse 2023

The last lunar eclipse of this year 2023. It will start at 1.06 AM on Sunday, October 29 and will end at 2.22 AM. The total eclipse time in India will be 1 hour 16 minutes jetlo.. This will be a Chandra Grahan. This lunar eclipse is in the constellation of Horse and Aries. This is the only eclipse of the year, which can be seen in India, so its sleep period will be valid. Its sleeping period will start from 2.52 PM. So lunar eclipse will affect all zodiac signs to some extent. But there are 6 zodiac signs which will be more affected by this lunar eclipse. Let us know from Dr. Mritunjay Tiwari, Head of Astrology Department of Sri Kallaji Vedic University, what will be the effect of Chandra Grahan on which zodiac sign?
Year-end Chandra Grahan will have more impact on Aries people. It can affect your personal and professional life. Due to stress, your behavior can also become bad, the effect of which will be seen on relationships. It is imperative not to make any investment on the day of lunar eclipse. Take special care of health.


On the day of Lunar Eclipse, the life of Taurus may increase in tension. Moon is said to be the agent of mind in astrology. Our mind can be disturbed due to Moon. Expenses may increase on this day. Control the expenses, otherwise there may be financial shortage.


The lord of Cancer is Moon and it will be eclipsed. In such a case, on the last eclipse day of the year, Cancer people have to be careful. Lunar eclipse will not be good for Cancer. Employees are advised to stay alert at the workplace. Even the slightest carelessness can be fatal. Some difficult situation may happen for you. Take care of health on eclipse day.

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The last lunar eclipse of the year can give mixed results for Virgos. On the one hand, you may get money, but due to lack of control over spending, you may experience shortage of money. If you do not control the expenses, you may have to borrow money from others.


Scorpios are advised to beware of their enemies on this second lunar eclipse day of the year. Enemies can cause some trouble for you. You should keep your plans a secret. Be careful not to leak your information, otherwise it may be misused. However, due to this lunar eclipse, the position and reputation of the employed people is expected to increase.


The last lunar eclipse of the year will occur in the eighth house of your sign. Due to this, tension may increase in your love life. Be patient with your love partner. Don’t use behavior or language that affects your relationship. Control anger and speech. Try to resolve matters peacefully. On this day, there will be a danger of spoiling relations with friends.

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