Eat a mug every day if you want to lose weight, it also helps boost immunity

Moong is very beneficial for health Many nutritious elements are found in moong Moong can be used in many ways such as soups, vegetables, and salads It is a good source of protein, and is rich in amino acids. Our body does not know how to make amino acids, so we should eat foods containing amino acids Vitamins, minerals, and fibers are found in sufficient quantity in moong.

Pulses are important in terms of taste and health One of these pulses is moong dal There are two types of moong dal, first green and second yellow moong dal. Apart from this, whole moong dal is also used. While it is originally consumed in Asia, Europe and America, in India, moong dal plays an important role in keeping us healthy along with being a part of staple food.


There are many benefits of eating moong. Moong is rich in protein and almost negligible carbs. Every 100 gm moong has 24 gm protein. One feels full for a long time associated with eating moong and does not feel hungry very quickly

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