KTM 790 Duke long term review

Review: KTM 790 Duke long term review, first impressions

KTM 790 Duke

Well, that’s about it. The original plan was to ride the 790 into the track approximately twice or thrice per year to fully (and safely) scratch that itch that KTMs tend to create. That is definitely not happening anytime soon, so that I have to figure out the way to properly enjoy this complete hooligan of a system, while keeping it sane on the public street. Good thing I’ve got 999km of motor run-in ahead of me.
Only 1km was clocked as of writing this!

Regardless of the delight of getting ridden many, many large bikes over time, this is actually the first one I have actually owned. One of the less spoken about downsides of my occupation is that because you get to ride everything, you know the downsides of everything, which makes it difficult to decide what bike you would really like to own.

I know, bad me.
This was a choice made a few months ago, however, the 790 Duke that my spouse and I purchased has only just arrived because of conditions now called the’new normal’. Understandably, I have had no opportunity to ride it, and since the magazine deadline is going to slam into my face, this report will be restricted to why I picked this bike, and also what the delivery was like.

Back then, there was no decision to be made. I’m of the opinion that sports bikes are squandered on our roads, and because my home in Mumbai is at least 1,251km from the closest racetrack. I always assumed my first big bike would be ADV. Still, there was no shaking the notion in the back of my mind that every motorcyclist should have at least one sports bike sooner or later. So when news broke that the past few BS4 790 Dukes were moving at a wonderful price, a decision had to be produced, as well as quick. Memories from Chakan helped nail down our decision, and the bike was delivered to our house.
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A bit of luggage: The newspapers, tool kit, manual, all arrive in a pleasant KTM folder. The newspapers, tool kit, guide, all come in a pleasant KTM folder.

It’s a strange experience, buying a bike in these times, and we did it all from the safety of the property. We had an individual come around to our place for all the initial paperwork a couple of months back, and after the registration was completed. we had the choice of picking it up from the showroom or paying extra for it to be sent. Rs 1,200 later, one of those purpose-built flatbed mini-trucks was winching the bike down to our society parking area. Of course, everything must be sanitized nowadays; so much liquid was sprayed onto signature points like the bars, levers and grab rail. And together with the bicycle comes a nice folder which holds all the documents, manuals, tool kit and spare key.

However, the truth is, one of the speediest motorcycling memories from 2019 is playing the Scalpel on KTM’s Chakan evaluation monitor. And when you are sitting on the fence about a conclusion, that is the type of emotion which can make all of the difference.
lg tech Wish the handlebar bolts had a nicer finish.a individual standing next to a bike: KTM 790 Duke long-term inspection, first report lg tech KTM 790 Duke long-term review, impressions from this article.

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