List of documents for obtaining various certificates from Gujarat Government

We know that we have to get many documents to avail various schemes of the government. In it we have to go to different offices and present many proofs and certificates and we have to take examples.

When we go to a government office to get a certificate to study or to avail government benefits, we have to give a lot of evidence for it, we don’t know what documents we want, we have to push back home from the government office.

The non-crimilear is a certificate for taking advantage of the reservation for economically backward class boys and for taking advantage of admission for further studies.

A government list has been prepared so that you do not have to go back to your office. And looking at different documents to get different certificates.

Caste certificate is a certificate issued by a government office for people who are considered economically backward. If you come from OBC, sc, st category, it is given by the government.

To get ebc certificate we can get it from the nearest taluka office. We can present the documents provided for it

We often need a certificate of income. A certificate of income is determined based on your annual income. If you have a low annual income, you can use it to get government benefits.

The ration card is in the house of each of us. Ration cards are used to bring food grains from cheap shops. It comes in different categories like apl and bpl. You are given to people living below the poverty line.

If you want to teach your child under rte, you can also get a certificate from the office. rte means right to education.

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