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Parivahan Sewa with India MVD Providing Vehicle Registration, Renewal of RC, Duplicate RC etc. Registration of a vehicle is an important thing after buying or using it on public roads or highways. In India all vehicle registration and other related things to the vehicles and road safety like Licence, Vehicle Tax, Traffic rules etc. done through the India State Motor Vehicle Department (MVD).

Online Parivahan India Online Services:-

The official website of India MVD is India Motor Vehicle department providing online facilities to Indians with the help of the online portal Parivahan Sewa (

The following paragraphs we describe the use of Parivahan in India. and the application process for online vehicle registration, renewal of RC, application for Duplicate RC, important documents need of Vahan online application. and also download the application forms here.

What is Parivahan?

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has introduced two software – VAHAN for Vehicle Registration and SARATHI for Driving Licenses to compile the data with respect to Vehicle Registration and Driving Licenses of all the

states in State Register and National Register. Under the Parivahan Sewa, the below-given Vahan citizen services are available online in India and also in India. Motor Vehicle Department website.

Alteration of Motor Vehicle Cancellation of RC by Authority Change of Address in RC Conversion of Vehicle. Duplicate FC / Permit Environment Tax Fitness Inspection /Certificate Fresh Permit Hyphenation Addition / Continuation / Termination Issue of Duplicate RC / NOCMV Tax My Vehicle Details Permit.


RC Particulars Against Fee Reassignment of Vehicle(Permit)Renewal of Permit / Registration Transfer of Ownership. Withdraw Your Application Parivahan Vehicle Registration Under the provision of section 39 of the motor vehicle Act 1988, the vehicle can driven or allow to be drive in a public place only. after registration by registering authority.

For registration of a motor vehicle, every person has to apply in Form 22 to the Registering Authority in the respective jurisdiction.

Applicants can download the application form on the Parivahan Sewa home page. If the vehicle is temporarily registere then apply for permanent registration before expiring temporary registration. Applicants have to confirm the type of registration number (Fancy number/Choice number/General number) and the usage requirement of HSRP/smart card.

As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, the tax on a vehicle shall be depending on the choice of registration number and use of HSRP/smart card.

Required Documents to apply for Vehicle Registration Application in Form 20 Sales certificate. Form 21 Road worthiness certificate in Form 22 from the manufacturers Pollution under control certificate. Valid insurance certificate Proof of address (Ration card, Electricity bill etc.)

Design approval copy of STA in case Trailer or Semi-Trailer Original sales certificate from the concerned authorities in Form 21 in the case of ex-army vehicle Custom’s clearance certificate along with licence, and bond in case of imported vehicle.

Temporary registration:

If any Form 34 (in case of HP endorsement)Copy of PAN card of Form 60 and Form 61 (as applicable)Permit proceedings in case of transport vehicle Municipal Corporation. parking fee Dealer and manufacturer invoice Passport size photograph Proof of Date of Birth. Chassis & Engine Pencil Print Form CMV Form 22A in case of Body built vehicle (EX. Goods vehicle, bus etc.)

Bonafide agriculture certificate issued by Tehsildar in case of registration of tractor-trailer unit used for agriculture Form-A under Taxation Act, 1997. Parivahan Renew of RC Every registration certificate is require to be renew not more than 60 days before the expiry date of the registration for its continue use.

Apply for renewal of RC book in From 25, available in the website.

Pay due tax of vehicle and renewal fee as specified in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. Otherwise, the application for renew of RC is reject. Require Documents for RC renew Application in Form 25 Pollution under control certificate.

R.C.Book Fitness certificate:

Certificate of registration Proof for the payment of up-to-date road tax paid Insurance certificate Copy of PAN card or Form 60 & Form 61 (as applicable)Chassis & Engine Pencil Print Signature Identification of the owner.

How to Apply for Duplicate RC?

When an RC book of a vehicle is report to be lost, mutilate, torn or use-up, the duplicate registration certificate is issue to the register owner. For the duplicate RC, applicants can apply to the last registering authority in Form 26.

Applicants must have to report to the police station. in the jurisdiction of which the loss or destruction has occur and intimate that fact in writing to the registering authority by whom the certificate of registration it issued.

Important Documents for Duplicate RC:

Application in Form 26:

(1)Police certificate Pollution under control certificate Valid insurance certificate Proof of address.

(2) Challan clearance from traffic police & Enforcement wing Transport Department in commercial vehicles.

(3) Tax clearance from the Accounts Department in commercial vehicles Attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60 & Form 61(as applicable)

(4)Chassis & Engine Pencil Print Signature Identification of the owner An affidavit stating that RC is lost and not is impound.

How to Check Parivahan Application Status in India?

Applicants can check the status of the application form online through the Vahan Citizen Service portal. For Application status related to permit applications, visit Permit Portal via Other Online Services.Log in to the official website of Parivahan.

Select the vehicle-related services link on Online Services. Click on “other states”Select the “Know your application status” link on status. Enter your application number and click on view report.Check the status of your application.

Parivahan Sewa Fees and User charges for Vehicle Registration:

For new registration of vehicle/renewal of RC / duplicate RC.the applicant has to pay the fee as per the Motor Vehicle Rule 47(1), 52(1), 54(1), 76(1), and 78(1).

If the certificate of registration is a smart card type issue or renew in Form 23 A, applicants have to pay an additional fee of INR 200/-.

If a delay in applying for renewal of RC, an additional fee of INR 300/- for delay of every month or part thereof in respect of motorcycles. INR 500/- for delay of every month or part thereof in respect of other classes of non-transport vehicles shall be levied. For duplicate RC the fee will be the half of the fee for new registration or renewal of RC.

Fees for Issue or renewal of the certificate of registration and assignment of new registration is as follows:

Type of Vehicle Amount (in INR) Motor Cycle 300 Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles – Non-Transport 600. Three- wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles – Transport 1000. Medium Goods Vehicle 1000.

Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle 1000 . Heavy Goods Vehicle 1500. Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle 1500. Imported Motor Vehicle 5000. Imported Motor Cycle 2500 Any Other Vehicles not Mentioned Above 3000K.

Now Your Payment Transaction Status:

Applicants can check payment transaction status through the e-Vahan portal of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

Vehicle Number, Application Number, Transaction Number /AUIN, Payment ID, Payment Date, Payment Confirmation Date, Payment Gateway, Bank Reference Number /GRN, Transaction Amount, and Status Description are will be available in Vahan payment transaction status.

Select the status link on Vahan citizen service.Click on the “know your Payment Transaction Status” link.

Enter the transaction ID and click on the search button. Search with Registration Number is only applicable for citizen service application. In case of citizen service application payment ID will be application number. Download Parivahan Application Forms for Vehicle Registration inSource – Parivahan Sewa vehicle registration forms –

For any problems related to:

Contact Number Email Vehicle registration:

fitness, Tax, Permit, Fancy, Dealer etc +91-120-2459168
mParivahan Related +91-120-2459171
eChallan Related +91-120-2459171
Parivahan Sewa India Complaint Cell 9446033314

Parivahan India FAQs:

How to pay vehicle tax online in India?

  1. Go to the home page. Or pay tax through Parivahan Sewa India online portal.
  2. Select the “Tax Online payment” in the e-payment facility.
  3. Click on Apply now button.
  4. Enter Registration number and last five numbers of chassis number and click on submit button.
  5. Enter other details like mobile number, aadhar number, E-mail id etc. and click on next button.
  6. You can pay your tax through the e-treasury online payment.

How can I get vehicle Registration details in India?

India vehicle registration details are now available online. To know the registration details you need know the registration number and the Chassis number of the vehicle.

The details of vehicles registered through Parivahan website at Delhi from 22-02-2019 onward. At RTO Offices from 18-03-2019 onward, and at all other offices in India from 01-04-2019 are available only on Parivahan Website.

Where I can download application forms for Vehicle registration?

The application form for vehicle registration will be available on the Parivahan website. Also, the Parivahan vehicle registration application form in pdf format is available to download in this site.

What is the difference between Parivahan and Sarathi?

Parivahan and Sarathi are government websites create by MoRTH. Through Parivahan peoples can apply online for vehicle registration and other facilities related to RC. Sarathi is related to Licence and other services. Peoples can apply through the Sarathi Parivahan Sewa websites from any states.

Where I want to apply for Duplicate RC in India?

To get a duplicate RC you need to apply through the : Parivahan Sewa India portal.

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