Thermometer Android App

Thermometer Android App

Live room temperature digital sensor app for indoor and outdoor environmental thermometer temperature checker with which you can always control the today temperature at which a specific cabin is located.


Measure temperature unit type Celsius °C, Fahrenheit °F, and Kelvin °K.


The simple thermometer measures the ambient temperature inside and outside checker.

The accurate thermometer shows outdoor and indoor temperatures.


Measures room temperature.

For better precision, the digital thermometer uses an integrated sensor to measure inside temperature.

Localisation allows getting outside temperature.

Measures units are Celsius, Fahrenheit, and kelvin.

Indicates whether conditions as icons.

Hygrometer measures humidity

How to check the current temperature meter for room?


You just need to open the app and wait 1-2 seconds.

Turn on the internet and the navigation device will return you the weather where you live

Check actual temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit!



For the external thermometer to work, internet connectivity is necessary to be able to collect the data.

Because of Thermometer and Hygrometer, Weather Now measure temperature and humidity, and pressure according to location, please allow the turned position.

Sometimes there is a need for calibration, so please leave your phone in a flat place, without touching it for about 3 – 7 minutes. Then it will give you the accurate indoor and outdoor temperature.

Keep away from too hot or too cold objects for better results.

When your phone is in use the battery warms up and the temperature is measured higher than real.

App Source : Google Play store

Thermometer Android App

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