These 6 types of services are available at the petrol pump Clone

When these six services are available to them absolutely free of cost, their petrol pump is checked whether they are providing these six services to the citizens absolutely free or not, then if any citizen or any person If the person finds it difficult or if the petrol pump owner refuses to provide these services, then he can complain about it, due to which his license can be canceled, let’s know or what are the six types of services.

Six types of free services provided at the petrol pump.
Through the petrol pump, you can call anyone absolutely free from there in the event of an emergency, yes, if you have fallen in the hour of trouble and you do not have a mobile phone, then you can go to the petrol pump and get free from there. You can avail the phone service in

Can you check the quality of petrol?

You can check the quality of petrol of any petrol pump, yes, if you think that the quality of its fuel is not good at any petrol pump, it is selling fuel in a wrong way, then you can go there and ask them. You can check the quality, for this you will not be denied and if any employee refuses then you can directly complain to him.



Taking advantage of free toilets at the petrol pump, First aid by visiting petrol pump first aid kit, Free air in car tires, Free drinking water

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