Video: વિડિયો બનાવવા નાં ચક્કર માં આ યુવકે એવું કર્યું મે માંડ માંડ બચ્યો.

Friends, we now know that the age of social media is here and through social media we stay in close touch with each other. We know that many times people risk their lives to get cheap publicity on social media and make videos at the risk of their own lives

We often hear people falling down while making videos on their bikes. Sometimes we get into a ditch or water while taking photos in their mobiles and we get into a lot of trouble.


In the video below you can see a young man stunting to get out of the train to show his bravery on a moving train and a young man making a video while a young man stunting to make a video he suddenly falls off the train And he escapes by falling on the train tracks and saves his life. If his head had landed on the tracks, he would have been crushed.

વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લીક કરો

The video was uploaded by the transport minister on his Twitter account and appealed to him not to make videos of such stunts. Also said that making such a video is not a sign of your bravery but a sign of stupidity.


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