Weather By Weatherbug

Weather By Weather bug:The Most Accurate Weather Forecast. Alerts, Radar, Maps & News from Weather Bug.Be prepared for winter with Weathering’s snow forecast. See expected snowfall by hour and track snow depth for the week ahead. Customizable weather alerts let you know when snow is in the forecast.Get local forecasts, accurate current weather conditions, severe weather alerts, and rain radar for all your favourite locations across the UK.

Weather By Weather bug

  • View our rain radar and see real-time weather conditions across for every city across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • Get all Met Office weather warnings and alerts for your current and saved locations directly to your phone’s notification area.
  • Stay safe with our animated lighting map and get in-app alerts when lightning strikes within 16 kilometers of your current location.
  • Be prepared for the weather outside your home or workplace by seeing the current conditions in status your bar and notifications area.
  • Our Storm Tracker map layer combines Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, and our lightning map layer so you can track and prepare for severe weather at your current and saved locations.
  • Personalise your favourite locations and save as many cities you desire like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Reading, and more… including over 2.6 million international locations around the world


  • Track Any Condition
  • Fastest Weather Alerts: Get in-app alerts of severe weather 50% faster with our Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts
  • Largest Weather Network: Gain access to our patented Total Lightning Network technology and over 10,000 professional weather stations

  • International Locations: Get weather conditions, forecasts, and alerts for over 90 countries and 2.6 million cities
  • International Weather Radar: Doppler Radar available across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.
  • Updated Forecasts: Get highly accurate hourly forecasts and 10-day weather forecasts for all your favourite locations
  • Enhanced Interactive Maps: Visualise weather conditions with over a dozen weather map layers
  • Traffic & Satellite Maps: View current traffic conditions and satellite views on all our map layers

Customize Your Weather

  • Multi-language Support: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Temperature Units: Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Wind Units: KPH, MPH, Knots or MPS
  • Pressure Units: Inches or Millibars
  • Distance: Miles or Kilometres
  • Rain: Inches or Millimetres

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