Whatsapp News: Accept New Whatsapp Policy Otherwise Account Delete ?

Whatsapp News: Whatsapp new policy update is released and most of users are also accepting whatsapp policy but due to some issue Whatsapp delay policy implications for all. But 15 May 2021 Whatsapp will Rolling out New Policy so here we Share All important information for you. If you not accept Whatsapp new policy thne you cant access Whatsapp.

Whatsapp New Policy 2021

As we know Whatsapp release new policy on 8 February but users against this policy so Whatsapp delay this policy. Now finally Whatsapp rolling out New Policy on 15 May 2021. As per latest updates users need to Accept this Policy before 15 may  2021. If users not accept this Policy Then you can’t Recive or send messages on Whatsapp.
Users account showing inactive who not accept Whatsapp new policy. Whatsapp also say inactive account will be deleted after 120 days.
Whatsapp users not happy ! basically 

Whatsapp new policy 

about data sharing with parent company facebook. Experts says Whatsapp sharing users data with facebook since long time but Now he declare it officially. Facebook use users data for best ads experience and helping bussiness to grow through online Advertisement. If facebook have sufficient date then algorithms will easily understand and showing relevant ads to users. This way advertiser and facebook both getting benefits.
Sometimes users get thair interested product and service without searching anywhere so it’s also beneficial for users.

So finally You want to use Whatsapp then you must have to accept Whatsapp new policy before 15 may 2021. you Accepting New Whatsapp Policy or not ? Wha is your opinion about this policy tell in comment box

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