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hello friends welcome to car and bike knowledge blog. Every person ever thinks about taking a new bike. What we should be careful about in the new bike. we will know today about new bike first service is important?

Two things in our mind :

Whenever we take a new bike, We must keep in mind two things First of all, when you take a new bike.
(1) Do not run the bike above 40, 45 kilometres.
(2)Do not run bike overload I mean speaking Three people do not sit on the bike Until the bike is first service complete.

first service before 700 k.m :

You must be thinking now that,Why do we first service the bike before 700 k.m. If we do service late, then there is some disadvantage So today I tell you why do we have to bike at the first service time Before that.

Example of HF DELUXE bike :

we see a bike this is hf deluxe This bike is only run 20,000 k.m. And this bike is starting to white smoke Now I will put a piston ring in it I asked him whose bike it is that,Did not you bike at the time of service he said that I had served on time So did not run over load on your bike So he said that yes, that’s the his mistake It is done at service time but the bike i run in overloaded he works in a factory he told me Three people used to come on a bike every day. The bike ran 70 kilometres daily.

Mager mistake by the owners :

This was a mistake by the owner of this bike Because of which his bike has been spoiled today Do not make such a mistake with your bike You may have seen many times that the engine of many bikes goes up to 100,000 kilometres Even then, those bike engines stay OK He does not run his bike above the speed of 45 kilometres Where a person is so sensible, three people never sit on their bike The bike of those people is always fine Because those people always serve the bike on time.

Example of cylinder :

I’ll tell you why you should be the first service a new bike early I have a cylinder I have bore a piston in this cylinder You might be seeing something scratch in this cylinder. This scratch is clean then When your bike runs below the speed of 45 kilometres Or when it will not be overloaded at all This is a condition of the company When we take a new bike, we are not told these things You are only told to get the first service 700 kms before You are not even told that up to 700 kilometres, three people will not sit on the bike at all So Friends are those which are scratch inside the cylinder.


This scratch can be completely clean only at low RPM If we run the bike in a higher speed then it can increase the scratches and more Because when the three people sit on a bike, the piston will run with more rubbing That’s why the CD deluxe bike started showing a white smoke To clear these scratch only your bike gets the first service quickly Make the bike’s first service 700 kilometres ahead .

second reason is old oil :

Now we know what the second reason is I am not a mechanic, but I share some of my experiences with you. I have some friends like this He gives me old oil and asks to put it in his bike. I asked him why brother is throwing this old oil. So he tells me that this oil belongs to my new bike which is still completely clean oil. So you put this oil inside my bike The mechanic knows that the oil clearly shows our eyes. But the truth is something else If an engineer is asked, that 1st service oil is the most dirty. How does it make the most dirty oil.

My personal advice :

Now I tell you the advice I gave to my customer Why does bike company leave that oil before 700 kilometres. Because engineers engaged in bike companies are very advanced. What is the advantage of getting the oil out of 700 kilometres before your bike? Now I tell you When the scratch of the cylinder is cleaned from inside, the cylinder is definitely rub. Because the scratch can not be clean without rub. When the rings inside the cylinder go upwards, our cylinders are cleared. And also rub the cylinder with it And all the cylinder’s garbage goes inside the oil.

About the new gear box :

Now you know a bit more Like your bike. The gear box is also new Clutch plates and other parts are all new in the new bike. New parts are not fully finished. If we make the bike a similar start then our gearbox is not finish. So we should run the bike so that the gearbox can be fully finished. So, run your bike in less speed than 700 kilometres. In this way all garbage in the engine comes inside the oil. A bit of leather and garbage descends from the clutch plate in your bike. All this garbage is reached in the engine that is in your engine.

All the trash of your bike goes inside the oil :

Now when bike run 700 kilometres, all the trash of your bike goes inside the oil. You will also be seen in a few TVs bikes Their oiled nut has a magnet. He keeps on catching the engine Garbage This is a good quality in the some TVS bikes In this way. He sticks on all the garbage magnet Now we have to remove that garbage. That’s why the bike company tells you to make the first service of your bike before 700 kilometres. In this way all the dirt of your engine gets out of the engine in that first service.

Poison of a new bike :

After that all the mess comes out of your engine. And if we put that oil out in the second bike. So it became such that you pulled out the poison of a new bike. And you put that poison in your second bike. So remember this thing that the oil from the first service of your bike is very dirty. There are many dangerous particles of metals inside that oil. That metal particle can spoil your bike’s gear box and crank bearings. So you have to add best engine oil in your bike.

The purpose of this Article :

The purpose of this Article is to make you aware. That the oil that comes out in the first service in your bike is very dirty. It is my intention to get the right information to you. Now whenever you take a new bike, do its first service 700 kilometres before. If the first service is left in the little garbage engine. Then the remain garbage comes out in the second service.

You can watch videos on you tube for new bike first service and then you have to apply on your own bike.

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