Hyundai Kona Electric Car Specs And Review

Hyundai Kona Electric
 There is a lot riding on the tiny shoulders of this Hyundai SUV why do I say so because the Kona is that the first long-range electric vehicle to be launched in India so there are lot of high expectations. And also being an electrical vehicle there be lot of questions is that the what is the range like how is the maintenance.
  People who haven’t driven the electrical all car like I even have been driven the right electric the primary question is does it desire a traditional car to drive and therefore the answer thereto is yes it seems like the other automatic carto drive apart from two things the silence because there is no engine noise there’s no transmission noise and instant torque from the electric motor which is sort of addictive.
  At first, the thought of driving an electric car on the racetrack wasn’t very exciting but the performance of the Kona came as areal surprise right from the time you tread on the accelerator the Kona moves forward with surprising enthusiasm and in sport mode the acceleration remains relentless as this electric vehicle goes but three-digit figures with is even in comfort more performance remain effortless and you’ll prove that around 120-130 kilometres per hour with is and in eco mode throttle responses a touch laid back except for day to day driving even this mode works chest fine actually when in sport mode the facility delivery can feel a touch too enthusiastic as you experience wheel spine even that fifty kilometres an hour.
 Another unique feature and this car is the single-paidel system basically in V3 generations and you’ll found out three levels these on padelshifter these are literally you’ll set it at one level two-level and three-level which alters the quantity of V-generation breaking your gonna get once you , for instance , explode the throttle and posting at higher levels and done feel very naturally where the car loses momentum quite rapidly but during a level two and level one that’s actually quite useful especially now that we are driving on the race track and gives you a touch more like engine braking for instance that you simply get in on normal cars so during this system works rather well .
whether it involves handling the Kona felta bit heavy when pushed round the corner even this cheering all the precise lifeless and this car is best enjoyed when driven within the relaxed manner what proportion the softer suspension has affected that ride are some things even only know once we drive this car out on the public roads.
Talking of the range so consistent with ARI,this car should do 452 kilometres on the complete charge which is on the upper side because as he spoke to the Hyundai people yesterday so ARI because the standard testing method is that they don’t cross 50 kilometres in hours while doing range testing in your they’redoing that on 90-100 kilometres in an hour. which gives you a more realistic range of around 350 kilometres so within the world we expect this car should go around for say 300-322 kilometres on a full charge if you ride normally. 
 with the Hyundai Kona, you get three charging options the primary one the portable charger with select 2.8-kilowatt charge which checks around 19 hours to charge but the most one are going to be the 7.2-kilowatt charger which is free of cost and can be assembled in your parking lot which can take around 6 hours and 10 minutes to charge completely but the third option is that the fast charger now this is often the 50-kilowatt DC charger which you’ll find out IOCL petrol pumps because Hyundai engaged with IOCL. to possess the charger but they’re a number of the petrol pumps like in Mumbai Pune Bangalore and Chennai so with the assistance of this charger the Kona are often charged at eighty percent and 57 minutes which makes it quite versatile. 
Doesn’t justify the high selling price at least as far as looks of concern apart from the unique appearance it’s actually not avery big car so in terms of presents, for instance , it’s smaller than the Creta so doesn’t have the road present that you simply expect of a car. which is around to 30 lakh rupees.
There is interior space which isn’t that great especially the rear seats so I the chauffeur driven car this car isn’t that great you do not have the nee room even the headroom is not that great even under thie support. because the battery package is under neath the floor is sort of high so you do not get enough under Thai support you seat more within the knees up position so as a family car this car isn’t exactly perfect.
But on the opposite hand, it does have its own champ design elements just like the slim LED headlamps and therefore the shapely tail lambs look stylish then there’s the grill or the shortage of it which provides the Kona a singular look and helps it stand out from the gang . even the seventeen-inch alloy wheels are designed be aerodynamic and stylish And Even when standing still the Kona aerodynamic shape helps it look athletic and sporty. 
 While the Kona doesn’t deliver in terms of road presence you won’t feel an equivalent one to ascertain the features list it comes loaded with features like an automatic climate control eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and android auto compatibility ten-way power driving seat cool front seats electric sunroof padel-shitter for adjustable re-generator breaking key less go hitted wing mirrors wireless charging And rear washing wipe.
with new technology there always of a question of what or maintenance what about running costs. As of now, we do not know exactly what of the service intervals for this car but one thing is needless to say because there are less number of running parts during this car will have less consumables to for instance within the ICNG engine car. where you’ve got a filter filter or air filter to vary and this car you would like to possess those components then Hyundai is also going an extended way then ensuring that you simply have peace of mind ownership with this car, for instance , you get a 3 year unlimited kilometre warranty and therefore the biggest cost in an electrical car or the battery pack and even for that Hyundai offering eight-year 1.6 lakh kilometre warranty. 
 After using IC engine car for all my life for the ten or twelve years, i have been driving will i’m going for electric vehicles something like a Kona well surely yes especially because the second car because for instance if I would need to return around thirty kilometres I can use the Kona filled with the week on a single charge which may be a great example of how practical the electrical car the becoming as far as electric vehicles enter India the Kona is really quite on the brink of being the first vehicle within the family.

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